Creating Dropdown List in Excel in 2 Minutes

Dropdown List is very interesting and useful tool which significantly reduces manual work, saves time, energy and increases efficiency.

Let us understand this with the help of an example. We are preparing a result for 400 students and in this report, we have to give city name to which these students come from. There are 10 cities and we have type for every student. Now if we can prepare a dropdown list wherein, we can just select the city from options in the dropdown, our task becomes very easy.

You may be wondering, but how to create a dropdown list. So, don’t worry, in next few minutes we will learn to create one.

In example below report card of students in being prepared. In column B, we have to type the city names. All the cities from which these students come is given in column-I. Now either we can type the cities which will take more time and effort.

Let us create a dropdown of city list. We keep the cursor in cell B2, as the dropdown will be created in B2 cell. Next we got to Data Tab, then we go to Data Tools and here we click on Data Validation. As we click a new window opens.

In the new window which opens, from the validation criteria we select and Allow ‘List’, this opens a new tab called Source. In source we can type the list or we can select the list, if we already have it.

In case below the list is there in column-I. We click the cursor in source and then select the cell I1 to I10. As we do this we can see that cell range I1 to I10 gets selected in source. We need to just click on OK and the dropdown list is created in cell B2. Now to enter the city we just need to select and no typing is required.

The dropdown list is attached in cell B2. We can copy cell B2 and paste it in B3 to B15 and immediately dropdown is created in all the cells in column B. alternatively we can just pull the fill handle at the bottom of cell B2 and it gets copied till cell B15.

Now we just need to select the cities and in few seconds we can fill from the dropdown list. This tool can be used in various situations. If we are creating a form and for some questions there are few options to choose from, we can easily create dropdown lists and this also helps to avoid spelling mistakes which may happen due to typo errors. Thus it increases efficiency by saving time and energy and reduces chances of errors.

Hope this article was helpful. For any help, clarification or feedback. Please leave your comments

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