2 MIN Super Funda Trick 3 - Create Table In One Command

A table is a data structure used to organize information. It is an arrangement of information in rows and columns containing cells that make comparing and contrasting information easier.

In today's blog I will tell you a shortcut that will convert the data into a table in MS Excel.

Suppose you have the above data and are asked to forward it to your boss. You know this data is not presentable and will give a bad impression to your boss.

Do not worry, CTRL T is at your rescue. This simple trick will present the data in table format which is both tidy looking and easy to interpret.

Firstly select the entire table and press CTRL T

In the window that opens, press OK

You will see that the table is created.

When you select any cell in the table, there will appear a DESIGN TAB at the top. With the help of this tab you will be able to further customize your table.

To know more about this trick and the various customizations that you can make in your table, watch the following video.

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